Benchtop COD Analyzer

Product description

The multi-parameter water quality analyzer ZMFD-BH6 is used for water quality testing in university laboratories, research institutes, environmental monitoring, sewage engineering, printing and dyeing textiles, paper printing, leather garments, petrochemicals, metallurgy and steel, and biomedicine.

ZMFD-BH6 adopts high-brightness LED cold light source and advanced parallel optical structure. It is developed according to national environmental standards. It is equipped with intelligent detection system, collecting data dozens of times per second, filtering algorithm to filter out interference and improve data accuracy. The 7-inch IPS large touch screen makes the test results intuitive and clear, and is a good assistant for scientific research, data analysis and water quality testing.


1.Product advantage

01 Touch design full touch 7-inch color screen, and 8 touch induction auxiliary keys, display and operation, data direct reading, simple operation and time saving.

02 The advantage of light source is LED light source with good optical performance, no need for preheating, and the life is up to 100,000 hours.

03 Operation intelligent intelligent operation procedures, guide users to easily complete the operation.

04 Safe operation compatible with 10ML colorimetric bottle and 16mm tube diameter digestion tube, simple, fast and safe determination.

05 Fast print with thermal printer, can print current data and historical measurement data.

06 The data processing can store 10,000 test results, 480 can be viewed by the instrument, and the rest can be viewed by the computer.

07 Professional testing kit with special testing reagent, as far as possible to reduce user operations, so that more accurate testing.

08 Use cost low consumable price is low, dosage is little.


2.Technical Data

Product name

multi-parameter water quality analyzer



Absorbance range


Optical path stability


Absorbance resolution


Operational repeatability


Indication error


Light source life

100,000 hours

Filter life

5 years


DC 12V/5A

Use environment

Temperature 0-50 ° C

Relative humidity 0-90% (no condensation)





Measuring range 


0.00-50.00mg/L(ammonia nitrogen)

0.00-20.00mg/L(total phosphorus)

0.5-50mg/L (Total nitrogen)

light source






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