Online self cleaning oil in water analyzer RS485 oil in water sensor

 Oil in water sensor principle

The online oil in water sensor adopts the principle of ultraviolet fluorescence method. The fluorescence method is more efficient and faster, with better repeatability, and can be monitored online in real time. Self-cleaning brush can be used to effectively eliminate the influence of oil on the measurement. Suitable for oil quality monitoring, industrial circulating water, condensate, wastewater treatment, surface water stations and other water quality monitoring scenarios.

Oil in water sensor feature

Digital sensor, RS485 output, support MODBUS

With automatic cleaning brush to eliminate the impact of oil on the measurement
Eliminate the effects of ambient light on measurements with unique optical and electronic filtering techniques
Unaffected by suspended solids in water

Oil in water sensor technical data

Principle  Ultraviolet fluorescence method
Measuring range  0...50ppm or 0.40FLU
Resolution  0.01ppm
Accuracy ±3%F.S.
The detection limit According to the actual oil sample
Linearity R²>0.999
Deepest depth underwear 10 meters
Temperature range 0 ~ 50°C
Power Supply DC12V, current <50mA (when there is no cleaning brush)
Output signal RS485,MODBUS protocol
Installation Submersible type
Shell material 316L
Cable length 5M (default)
Self-cleaning brush Have
Protection grade IP68
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