T4053 Online Chlorine Dioxide Analyser

Industrial online chlorine dioxide monitor is a water quality online monitor with microprocessor. It is widely used in drinking water treatment plants, drinking water distribution networks, swimming pools, water treatment projects, sewage treatment, water disinfection and other industrial processes.It continuous monitoring and control chlorine dioxide & temperature value in water solution.

Instrument features:

  • Color LCD display
  • Intelligent menu operation
  • Multiple signal output modes 
  • Two sets of relay control switches  
  • High alarm & low alarm, hysteresis control
  • Chlorine dioxide, temperature and current, etc. displayed in one interface  
  • Password protection function to prevent misoperation by non-staff


Technical parameters:

  1. Measurement range: Chlorine dioxide:0~20.00mg/L; Temperature:0~50.0?;
  2. Resolution: Chlorine dioxide:0.001mg/L; Temperature:0.1?;
  3. Basic error: Chlorine dioxide:±1%F.S; Temperature:±0.3?;
  4. Response time:90%less than 90s;
  5. Current output: 0/4~20mA(load resistance<750Ω); 20~4mA(load resistance<750Ω);
  6. Communication output: RS485 MODBUS RTU;
  7. Two sets of relay control contacts: 3A 250VAC,3A 30VDC;
  8. Power supply(selection): 85~265VAC±10%,50±1Hz,power consumption≤3W;   9~36VDC,power consumption≤3W;
  9. Dimensions:98×98×130mm;
  10. Installation: Panel & wall mounting; Panel opening size:93×93mm;
  11. Protection Level:IP65;
  12. Weight:0.6kg;
  13. Working environment: 
  • Operating temperature:-10~60?;  
  • Relative humidity: ≤90%;  
  • No strong magnetic field around 
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