ZMFD BH 420 Portable Multi-parameter Water Analyzer


  1. Novel type,beautiful form
  2. Professional optical path design, reliable optical performance. 
  3. Small size,light weight,the protection grade is above than IP65,
  4. 1.69 inch OLED screen.
  5. 5 touch key,Acrylic protective panel,long life time,
  6.  Manually store the test results,save memory space,
  7. The meter simulates USB flash drive,can store more than 5000 records, it is convenient to check the documents and easy to operate,
  8. A variety of ways to supply power. USB & battery power supply.

Multi-parameter water analyzer


Multiple & portable water quality instrument ZMFD-BH 420 adopts method of spectrophotometry, which supports the wavelengths of 420nm, 470nm, 520nm and 620nm, and can support multiple parameter detection. Many experiments show that this method is simple, quick and sensitive. The instrument is small size, light and easy to carry, suitable for field and work field use. By adopting imported sensor, advanced optical system and expanding the measuring range of colorimeter, the time needed for sample dilution is saved. Test items can be freely matched according to customer requirements. The instrument has been used in various environmental protection bureau, factory waste water discharge detection, aquaculture, lake and bay detection, river regulation, laboratory scientific research detection field.


Absorbance measuring range 0-3.0 Abs
Stability of optical path ≤±0.005Abs/30min
Absorbance resolution 0.001Abs
IP Class IP65 above
LED operating life 100000 hours
Optical filter life 5 years
Rated capacity 0.3W
Operating repeatable ≤±0.01Abs
Wavelength 420nm, 470nm, 520nm 620nm


Multi-parameter water analyzer

Test item: Range: Mg/L
Ozone 0-2.5
Nitrite 0.003-0.3
Nitrate 0-40
Phosphate 0-2
Dissolved Oxygen 0-20
Sulfide 0.004-1
Chlorine Dioxide 0-5
Ammonia Nitrogen 0-50
pH 6.5-9
Residual Chlorine  0-12
Total Chlorine  0-12
Urine 0-20
Total Iron 0.02-3.00
Total Chromium 0.004-1
Hexavalent chromium 0.004-1
Total Copper 0.05-4
Total Zinc 0.05-2.5
Total Nickel 0.05-5
Total Manganese 0.2-9
Fluoride 0-2
Cadmium 0-2
Total Cyanide 0.002-5
Aniline 0.001-2
Volatilase 0.05-2.5


The test reagent is irritant, please do not touch directly. According to the operation specification, wearing gloves and protective glasses is necessary. In case of touching any chemicals, rinse thoroughly with water. Please understand the test procedure in detail and pay special attention to the hazard information tips. Read the product instructions before use, and follow the instructions carefully. Any unsatisfactory operation may cause injury to operator or damage of instrument. If you have any question about reagent or operation process, please contact us.


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