ZMFD-BH-520 Ultrasonic Multi-parameter Milk Test Analyzer

It adopts a wear-resistant peristaltic pump sampling system and a large LCD display screen. It can detect 9 commonly used indicators of milk composition. No other auxiliary reagents are needed, the cost is low, and the instrument is durable. It is the best choice for milk stations and ranches.

Key features: • User-friendly: simple in operation, maintenance, calibration and installation • Portable and compact design • Very small quantity of milk required • Low power consumption • No use of hazardous chemicals • One-year full warranty • Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user RS 232 Interface • ESC POS Printer Support • Two samples self-calibration

Parameter Measuring range Accuracy
Fat 0.01-25% ±0.1%
Solids-non-fat(SNF) 3-15% ±0.15%
Density 1015-1160kg/m3 ±0.3kg/m3
Protein 2-7% ±0.15%
Lactose 0.01-6% ±0.2%
Added water 0-70% ±3
Milk sample temperature 1-40°C ±1%
Freezing point -0.4?~-0.7°C ±0.001%
Salts 0.4-1.5% ±0.05%


Environmental Conditions
Ambient air temperature — 10°C –40°C (option 43°C)
Milk temperature — 1°C – 40°C
Relative humidity — 30% – 80%

Electrical Parameters
AC Power Supply voltage – 220V/110V
DC Power Supply voltage – 12V to 14,2V
Power Consumption 30W max


  1. Large LCD display screen
  2. Testing time: 60-90 seconds
  3. Reserve wearable silicone tube
  4. Also test milk, ewe's milk, UHT milk
  5. Convenience to carry out, and could be use with auto battery

Multi-parameter Milk Test Analyzer

Applicable: ranches, milk stations, dairy plants and scientific research units.

Multi-parameter Milk Test Analyzer

  • Standard accessories:
  • cleaning agent, hose, printer, power manual

Multi-parameter Milk Test Analyzer

working environment:

  • Room temperature (Ambient temperature) 15-30°C
  • Milk temperature 15-30°C
  • Relative humidity (Relative humidity) 30% -80%
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