ZMFD-BH50 Multifunctional Integrated Analyzer

Feature Indicators comprehensive COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and other parameters can be measured, the concentration of direct reading. High storage capacity Can store 10,000 sets of data. The data transfer The stored data can be transmitted to the computer via USB. Low use cost Low reagent dosage, low price. HD screen High definition color 4.3-inch LCD screen. The operation of intelligent Intelligent operating procedures, guide users to complete the test easily. Safe and reliable With high temperature alarm function, fully transparent and integrated heat resistant protective cover, intuitive and safe. Rechargeable model Complete accessories, convenient for the user outdoor testing.

In order to integrate resources, make it easy to carry and travel, and to sample, digest, and test the water quality in various outdoor environments, we have developed an "Water Quality Test in one Analyzer".

This kind of instrument can make customers conveniently carry outdoors, and can quickly and accurately determine water quality, which has practical value.

This instrument can be used for digestion and detection of water quality outdoors and for digestion and detection of water quality indoors.

ZMFD-BH50 Multifunctional Integrated Analyzer

Technical Parameter

Measuring Item COD Ammonia nitrogen Total phosphorus Total nitrogen
Measuring Meth Dichromate test paper rapid digestion spectrophotometry Nano-type test paper rapid digestion spectrophotometry Rapid digestion spectrophotometry of ammonium molybdate Potassium persulfate rapid digestion spectrophotometry
Measuring Range 0-15000mg/L 0-50mg/L 0-20mg/L 0.5-50mg/L
Measuring Wavelength 420nm 620nm 620nm 420nm   620nm 420nm  
Accuracy ≤±5% ≤±5% ≤±5% ≤±5%
Digestion temperature and time 165°C,20min No 150?,15min 125°C,30min
Weight 12kg
Size 530mm*396mm*205mm
Power DC 12V/12A (Outdoor),DC 220V 50Hz(Inside)
Temperature 0-50°C
Humidity ≤80%(Non-condensing)
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